Hello there and welcome to the ScorchStack. “What is this?” you might ask. Well, here we’ll try to explain that alongside a few other frequently asked questions. No one has asked these questions yet because we are brand new, but we imagine they would be frequently asked if people heard of us before.

What is this?

It’s a weekly Flames newsletter that covers a diversity of topics from some of the best writers from the Calgary Flames ex-blogger pool. If you are from Calgary, think the late FFWD magazine. If you are not from Calgary, think about whatever alternative weekly newspaper does the same thing, but in the town you live in. If your town doesn’t have that, well I guess you can use your imagination. Or read this to find out what I’m describing.

Basically, we are taking a much different approach to how the game of hockey is covered. We’re eschewing the typical game-by-game coverage and condensing the weeks of hockey into one weekly newsletter, and then adding some variety to it. We’re fans trying to cover the team as fans would, deliberately moving away from some of the more journalistic practices that have seeped into the blogosphere (and -speaking for myself- moving away from a lot of boring articles that sucked to write). It’s different, but that’s what we’re aiming for.

As far as content goes, we are going for a healthy blend of a bit of everything. We are loosely basing our format around magazines (and in the future, aesthetically too), so issues of the Scorch Stack will range from the lighthearted to the hard-hitting analysis; from the long deep dives to the quick shitposts; from the Calgary Flames to whatever we really feel like talking about. It’s cliche, but it’s a something-for-everyone substack.

Who runs this?

This is Christian (@decayinwtheboys on Twitter), Ramina (@raminashlah), Floob (@itlooksreal), Nathan (@Hanoten), Mike (@mikepfeil_), and Konnie (@konnie49). You have likely seen us on various Flames blogs over the year or on Twitter. And now you have seen us here.

When and where can I read this?

The Scorch Stack will be coming out every Wednesday, and the archives are open for viewing at any time. You can find us here at the webpage you are currently on, or in your email inbox if you choose to subscribe to us.

Why subscribe?

Why not? I’m not the boss of you, but I think you should give us your email address if you enjoy what we do or think it’s a pretty good idea in general. You’ll be able to get high quality Flames content directly to your inbox, and I just think that’s beautiful. Plus, reading emails makes it look like you’re doing something smart and important even though you’re reading something that is completely the opposite. Win-win for everyone involved.

How do I yell at you?

We have kept the blogging tradition alive by leaving a comments section. You may also yell at us on Twitter @TheScorchStack or by emailing us at scorchstack@gmail.com (we would very much appreciate emailed feedback, especially in these early days).

I am a stinkin’ rich billionaire looking to support your endeavours to the tune of $10,000 per month. How would I go about doing that?

We are flattered, but we humbly decline for the time being as we are offering our work for free for the remainder of the 2019-20 NHL season. In the future, we are looking to switch over to a paid model, tentatively for the 2020-21 NHL season. We still haven’t determined what that would entail, but it will cost $5 per month and there will still be some free content. More on that as we figure things out.

Until then, please support us by sharing us with your friends, sharing on social media, and signing up with your email. Those are still helpful things to do.

(If you are serious about the $10,000 we’ll talk later shhhh don’t tell the others)

I think you are all neat and would like to contribute to the Scorch Stack. How can I do that?

Again, flattered that you, the real person who is asking this, think we’re neat.

We are not actively looking for new contributors, as we are less labour-intensive than typical sports blogs and don’t really have the need or the space for new contributors. However, we are big believers in giving new faces opportunities, as we are only here because of others extending us the same courtesy. If you are a good writer with a unique perspective and a cool person in general, email a writing sample to scorchstack@gmail.com and we’ll talk.

If you do other things like graphic design or other creative ventures that you think could help us out, feel free to contact us.

Why is it called the ScorchStack?

It is not a pun on SubStack, as many would believe. The name pays honour to one time Adirondack Flames mascot, SCORCH, and the time he killed STACKS of firemen during the Great Fire of 1864. It is also our logo.

Is it Scorch Stack, ScorchStack, or The Scorch Stack?

unclear at this time, will be getting back to you

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